Monday, November 21, 2016

After a few months of fulltiming....

So it's been a few months since my last post.  Let me bring you up to date:

While moving our trailer from the front of the house after packing up I snagged a tree and ripped the roof.  Then a few days later we noticed the black tank was leaking and our batteries were bubbling.  We took the rig to the repair shop and after 10 days we were back up and running.  Insurance paid for the roof and awning, and our new warranty from Wholesale Warranties has been great, paying for the black tank along with some other stuff we found.

Another fun thing that happened is that I was laid off from my job of nine years the week after we moved to the RV park.  Oh well, life happens.  I still need to work for a while to save enough money to really get on the road.

Then to top it off, we had our house up for sale for over two months and couldn't get it sold.  We pulled it off the market, painted the inside and completely rebuilt the kitchen.  Now it's back on the market.  Wish us luck on that one.

[From Cait:  So far living in the RV has been great.  It's cozy and comfortable, with more than enough room for us, the dog and the cat.  It's not the same as fulltiming on the road, since I'm still going to my same job every day, and we're living very near our old home base, but the space is working out fine.  Even having purged most of our stuff, it turns out we really still have more than we need.  I'm sure that will get whittled down over time.  But this is actually a pretty good way to adjust to fulltiming one piece at a time.]

This Thanksgiving weekend we will be going to Joshua Tree dry lake bed for our first trip since we went full time.

Talk soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

294 weeks remaining.... Or wait a minute, we are full time now!!

We did it, we are now officially fulltimers. We moved out of our house last week and moved into the Montana on the street for a few days while loading all our stuff. We then moved into a local RV park about 4 miles from town. It was a tight fit for our 37 footer but I squeezed it in there.

I did make one mistake while moving this giant rig to our spot. I hit a TREE! Yikes. I tore off part of the roof and the awning. The entire roof needs to be replaced and will cost about $10k, all covered by insurance.

The house is up for sale and we hope to start getting offers this week.

Stella has already taken a liking to our new home.

FROM CAIT:  We did it!!  I'm so excited to be in our new love nest.  We're still getting organized and finding a place for everything, but we're almost there.  We've got plenty of room for the two of us, plus the cat and the dog.  Everybody's settling in nicely.

I thought getting rid of so much of our stuff would be much harder than it actually was.  I am very fortunate in that we do have a few places to display my favorite keepsakes, so I didn't have to get rid of absolutely everything.  My mom and sister were able to take my grandmother's furniture and family heirlooms.  And they'll store a bin or two of my things in their garages if needed (I've still got a few boxes left in the garage at the old house).

The mental preparation was probably the most important part for me.  Luckily I discovered the writings of Josh and Ryan from  That helped me view this process as gaining something rather than giving something up.  And I watched a lot of YouTube videos on organizing small spaces, and that got me inspired and excited.  All of that lit the fuse, then when I was ready to start it felt relatively fast and easy.

I like being in the RV so much, even just parked locally and still going to work every day, that it will be fantastic once we're on the road and living in beautiful, interesting, different places.  Fulltiming:  DAY 5!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

296 weeks remaining....

We are really getting down the the last of our things, everything has either been sent to donation locations or given away. As of the end of this week we will have nothing left but what will go in the trailer.

The final touches were put on the trailer yesterday, a 50 amp surgeguard surge protector to keep our electric system safe. We pick up the trailer in storage Saturday morning and head out to the desert to make sure everything works as it should then return home and load up all the remaining items we own.

The house will be put up for sale later next week and we expect it to sell the first day. During the transition we might look for temporary location to setup camp or just move to the place we plan on living for the next few years.

We still have 296 weeks before we retire, I hope we can make it that long. Though I don't think we will. I'm sure our next post will be when we are "fulltiming".

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

298 weeks remaining....

So for the last few weeks the wife and I have purged most of our "things" and have been fixing up the house for sale.  I think we should be able to list it by the end of the month.

[CAIT:  We're not completely done yet, but it has been relatively painless!  Fortunately, my mom and sister have been able to take the larger family heirlooms and furniture.  And the fifth wheel is big enough so that we do have some leeway for smaller items we want to keep.  We're very fortunate in that respect.  But I got rid of most of our stuff.  I cleared out my bedroom closet on Sunday and I feel a tremendous weight off my shoulders.  It's really remarkable.]

We have also been looking for a place to live in the trailer for the next few years while we save some money before our early retirement.  I found a mobile home park near my office and hope it will work out for us there.

We are so excited to be free of the bondage of debt from the house.  It's time for the next phase of our life.  Living the life of freedom and joy.

Monday, June 27, 2016

300 weeks remaining....


So over the last few weeks there have been some changes (as always).  We bought a 5th wheel.  A 2008 Keystone Montana 3295RK in near perfect condition.  This will be the rig we start off using to go full time.

The purge in full effect

We also have been getting rid of a lot of the stuff that won't be going with us fulltiming.  Many boxes of stuff taken to the thrift store in town.  We are hopeful that it will find a good home with people who can use it.  (CAIT: I've gone so far as to create a fictional young couple I imagine making their first home together, to feel better about getting rid of all our things.  It's working so far.)

Also a timeline update

We realized that keeping the house for four more years would be more expensive than not continuing to pay that mortgage.  So we have decided to sell the house now and keep working for a few more years, saving as much money as we can.  This will allow us to live a very good life after retirement.  Our friends have room for us on their property to park on and live for the next few years.  So we are all set.

The house should be ready to be put up for sale within the next month or two.  I will post some pics of the new rig soon.

Friday, May 27, 2016

304 weeks remaining....

Starting the purge!

Well I have started to scan all my photos to online storage. I bought a small (Doxie) scanner and it works great. Not the highest quality but does the job well. The wife has started to sell some things on eBay and has completely cleaned out the kitchen of unnecessary junk.

I borrowed a turntable that converts albums to MP3s, but it looks like it is too much effort. I will keep you up to date on that. We also spoke to a real estate agent about selling the house and are looking at selling next spring and moving to a small apartment for a while unless housing prices go through the roof.


Yes!  We have started downsizing our stuff.  To help get myself revved up and in the right frame of mind, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on minimalism, decluttering, and organizing a small space.  I love people's RV tours and all the great decorating and storage tips.  We've gotten some terrific ideas and inspiration.  It's funny how the minimalist and tiny house movements make it seem like suddenly we are on the cutting edge of the culture....  We're trailblazers.  Not hapless oldsters at all!  Yay!

I started with the least painful things first.  Cleared out the bathroom cabinets and cupboards.  Beautiful.  Easy.  Then the kitchen.  A lot of work - everything had to be washed, even just to donate it.  The far back of those cabinets gets mighty dusty.  But now it's streamlined, organized and gorgeous.  Whenever I ran across something that gave me a little pang of regret to donate, it helped me to imagine its new life with a new owner.  Old champagne bucket I never used?  I picture a lovely couple who will use and enjoy it, the good life they'll have.  Even the champagne bucket will be happy.  And that makes it much easier to let it go.

Also, I'm finding that giving things away makes me a lot happier than selling them for a pittance.  If I can't get much for it online, I give it away, and that has worked out well.

Next: the dining room.  China, vases, knick knacks.  Anybody want any Holt Howard Pixieware?  Drop me a line at and it's yours.  I don't have a lot of it, but it's going to sting a little to get rid of it.  The two pieces I will keep with me are a salt and pepper set my honey got me.  Those are my favorites.  The rest will go up on eBay. This stuff is harder, but I'm getting excited and feeling happy about the process so far. 

UPDATE:  Most of the stuff has been sold now.  Thanks!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

310 weeks remaining....

Who would have thought the hardest part of going fulltime in an RV would be the purging of all the "stuff" we have. We are just a week into the "purge" and it's rough. Trying to decide what we need for the next year and who to give our most prized items to. I have take about 25 coffee mugs to the office with a sign "Free Mugs" and they have been snatched up. Other things of more value are going up on ebay, some will go to friends and family, and the rest is being donated. We are just starting, so stay tuned for the drama to come.

We also started to think about moving into a small apartment as a transition to an RV. This will allow us more time to adjust to small spaces. We were thinking if we moved into an RV now but stayed in an RV park for 5 year it might ruin it for us, since it would be the worst of both worlds. Cramped quarters, a rather grim trailer park, but still having to go to work every day - no thrill of freedom on the open road to mitigate giving up a nice comfy house. So we are mulling over our options.

More soon as the dream get closer....

Monday, April 11, 2016

311 weeks remaining.... Maybe?

So I have some news.

Since housing prices are starting to lag and I don't think we can make nearly the same on the house as if we sold now and just moved in to an RV park for the next 4 or 5 years, we decided to look at selling the house now and fulltiming for the next 5 years until we have enough money saved to retire.

I think we can buy a used 5th wheel now and then buy the one we want to travel in before we leave. And since it will just sit in the one place for 5 years, it doesn't have to be all that great -- just good enough to live in.

This also provides us one more benefit: testing out the fulltime lifestyle without quitting our jobs. If in 4 years we decide living in a trailer is not doable we can just buy another house and continue on our merry life....

So now we just need to purge our stuff and prep the house for selling.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

317 week remaining....


Finally made our first milestone of getting debt free, well except for the house. Now we can start to save. Only six more years to wait. We are well on track and so happy. Not much else to report, but being debt free is a biggie.  [Note from Cait: Working like crazy to get there - no time to blog!]