Thursday, January 29, 2015

374 weeks remaining....

Blogging ended up being harder than I expected, having to come up with something to say every week or so. But, in the end I keep writing.

Finances are going great and I can really see the end of the tunnel now. Just finished my taxes and am getting less than expected back.  That is disappointing, but better then owing. We've paid off 50% of our debt and hope to make it 100% in the next 12 months or so. Then to the savings.

I'm still having worries about what happens if I run out of money before Social Security kicks in. I am still hoping to get on the road early even if it's just to an RV park close to work. The thing that would allow this to happen is the housing market going up. I'm tired of taking care of all the expenses of a house. If I can sell it and make a profit I would be saving nearly $75k a year. That would give us the cushion we need to feel conformable to retire at 53.

I started a new Facebook group called "SoCal RV Fulltimer Wannabes". I'm looking for people that are in the same position as us so we can get together and discuss plans, hopes, dreams and just some fellowship with like-minded people.

As for a rig, I think it's come down to cost. A Class A will just be too expensive so it's back to a 5th Wheel. Plus I like all the added room a 5er gives you inside, and I love the front living room models.

So that's enough out of me for now. Until next time, keep RVing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

376 weeks remaining....

Hope everyone had a great holiday. The wife and I went to an SKP resort near Temecula and it was completely awesome. Everyone there was friendly and made the visit nice. We played some ping pong, pickle ball, pool and also went to the Friday afternoon ice cream social and went on a short hike....

Not much going on right now, but I will be heading out to Mojave National Preserve this weekend with some friends to find some great boondocking spots. I know one, and hope to find others to document for my other blog.

It's about tax time and I hope to get a good refund so I can pay off the last credit card this year.

Until next time, keep on RVing!