Tuesday, July 26, 2016

296 weeks remaining....

We are really getting down the the last of our things, everything has either been sent to donation locations or given away. As of the end of this week we will have nothing left but what will go in the trailer.

The final touches were put on the trailer yesterday, a 50 amp surgeguard surge protector to keep our electric system safe. We pick up the trailer in storage Saturday morning and head out to the desert to make sure everything works as it should then return home and load up all the remaining items we own.

The house will be put up for sale later next week and we expect it to sell the first day. During the transition we might look for temporary location to setup camp or just move to the place we plan on living for the next few years.

We still have 296 weeks before we retire, I hope we can make it that long. Though I don't think we will. I'm sure our next post will be when we are "fulltiming".

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

298 weeks remaining....

So for the last few weeks the wife and I have purged most of our "things" and have been fixing up the house for sale.  I think we should be able to list it by the end of the month.

[CAIT:  We're not completely done yet, but it has been relatively painless!  Fortunately, my mom and sister have been able to take the larger family heirlooms and furniture.  And the fifth wheel is big enough so that we do have some leeway for smaller items we want to keep.  We're very fortunate in that respect.  But I got rid of most of our stuff.  I cleared out my bedroom closet on Sunday and I feel a tremendous weight off my shoulders.  It's really remarkable.]

We have also been looking for a place to live in the trailer for the next few years while we save some money before our early retirement.  I found a mobile home park near my office and hope it will work out for us there.

We are so excited to be free of the bondage of debt from the house.  It's time for the next phase of our life.  Living the life of freedom and joy.