Monday, June 27, 2016

300 weeks remaining....


So over the last few weeks there have been some changes (as always).  We bought a 5th wheel.  A 2008 Keystone Montana 3295RK in near perfect condition.  This will be the rig we start off using to go full time.

The purge in full effect

We also have been getting rid of a lot of the stuff that won't be going with us fulltiming.  Many boxes of stuff taken to the thrift store in town.  We are hopeful that it will find a good home with people who can use it.  (CAIT: I've gone so far as to create a fictional young couple I imagine making their first home together, to feel better about getting rid of all our things.  It's working so far.)

Also a timeline update

We realized that keeping the house for four more years would be more expensive than not continuing to pay that mortgage.  So we have decided to sell the house now and keep working for a few more years, saving as much money as we can.  This will allow us to live a very good life after retirement.  Our friends have room for us on their property to park on and live for the next few years.  So we are all set.

The house should be ready to be put up for sale within the next month or two.  I will post some pics of the new rig soon.