Friday, May 27, 2016

304 weeks remaining....

Starting the purge!

Well I have started to scan all my photos to online storage. I bought a small (Doxie) scanner and it works great. Not the highest quality but does the job well. The wife has started to sell some things on eBay and has completely cleaned out the kitchen of unnecessary junk.

I borrowed a turntable that converts albums to MP3s, but it looks like it is too much effort. I will keep you up to date on that. We also spoke to a real estate agent about selling the house and are looking at selling next spring and moving to a small apartment for a while unless housing prices go through the roof.


Yes!  We have started downsizing our stuff.  To help get myself revved up and in the right frame of mind, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on minimalism, decluttering, and organizing a small space.  I love people's RV tours and all the great decorating and storage tips.  We've gotten some terrific ideas and inspiration.  It's funny how the minimalist and tiny house movements make it seem like suddenly we are on the cutting edge of the culture....  We're trailblazers.  Not hapless oldsters at all!  Yay!

I started with the least painful things first.  Cleared out the bathroom cabinets and cupboards.  Beautiful.  Easy.  Then the kitchen.  A lot of work - everything had to be washed, even just to donate it.  The far back of those cabinets gets mighty dusty.  But now it's streamlined, organized and gorgeous.  Whenever I ran across something that gave me a little pang of regret to donate, it helped me to imagine its new life with a new owner.  Old champagne bucket I never used?  I picture a lovely couple who will use and enjoy it, the good life they'll have.  Even the champagne bucket will be happy.  And that makes it much easier to let it go.

Also, I'm finding that giving things away makes me a lot happier than selling them for a pittance.  If I can't get much for it online, I give it away, and that has worked out well.

Next: the dining room.  China, vases, knick knacks.  Anybody want any Holt Howard Pixieware?  Drop me a line at and it's yours.  I don't have a lot of it, but it's going to sting a little to get rid of it.  The two pieces I will keep with me are a salt and pepper set my honey got me.  Those are my favorites.  The rest will go up on eBay. This stuff is harder, but I'm getting excited and feeling happy about the process so far. 

UPDATE:  Most of the stuff has been sold now.  Thanks!