Tuesday, January 13, 2015

376 weeks remaining....

Hope everyone had a great holiday. The wife and I went to an SKP resort near Temecula and it was completely awesome. Everyone there was friendly and made the visit nice. We played some ping pong, pickle ball, pool and also went to the Friday afternoon ice cream social and went on a short hike....

Not much going on right now, but I will be heading out to Mojave National Preserve this weekend with some friends to find some great boondocking spots. I know one, and hope to find others to document for my other blog.

It's about tax time and I hope to get a good refund so I can pay off the last credit card this year.

Until next time, keep on RVing!


  1. My wife and I have 2420 days remaining until retirement. 346 weeks .. so we are just ahead of you. We are also hunting for great RVing spots for our future. We plan to full-time also in a Class C. We will be keeping tabs on the great spots you find along the way. Keep up the great work? I have created a map that has a lot of boondocking sites from many different RVers. You might find it useful! It's at:

    I have over 360 sites so far with many of them free. I am adding to my database all the time. I harvested a few sites from your blogs and added them. I was pleased see what you had discovered, especially Buckeye Hot Springs. That looks great!

    We hope to run into you at some point out on the trail. -Greg & Karen

  2. Should be: Keep up the great work !!! not ?

  3. Glad I could help. It will be great meeting all the people that will be heading out during the same time. I will take a look at your site to see if any are close to me.


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