Tuesday, August 9, 2016

294 weeks remaining.... Or wait a minute, we are full time now!!

We did it, we are now officially fulltimers. We moved out of our house last week and moved into the Montana on the street for a few days while loading all our stuff. We then moved into a local RV park about 4 miles from town. It was a tight fit for our 37 footer but I squeezed it in there.

I did make one mistake while moving this giant rig to our spot. I hit a TREE! Yikes. I tore off part of the roof and the awning. The entire roof needs to be replaced and will cost about $10k, all covered by insurance.

The house is up for sale and we hope to start getting offers this week.

Stella has already taken a liking to our new home.

FROM CAIT:  We did it!!  I'm so excited to be in our new love nest.  We're still getting organized and finding a place for everything, but we're almost there.  We've got plenty of room for the two of us, plus the cat and the dog.  Everybody's settling in nicely.

I thought getting rid of so much of our stuff would be much harder than it actually was.  I am very fortunate in that we do have a few places to display my favorite keepsakes, so I didn't have to get rid of absolutely everything.  My mom and sister were able to take my grandmother's furniture and family heirlooms.  And they'll store a bin or two of my things in their garages if needed (I've still got a few boxes left in the garage at the old house).

The mental preparation was probably the most important part for me.  Luckily I discovered the writings of Josh and Ryan from theminimalists.com.  That helped me view this process as gaining something rather than giving something up.  And I watched a lot of YouTube videos on organizing small spaces, and that got me inspired and excited.  All of that lit the fuse, then when I was ready to start it felt relatively fast and easy.

I like being in the RV so much, even just parked locally and still going to work every day, that it will be fantastic once we're on the road and living in beautiful, interesting, different places.  Fulltiming:  DAY 5!

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  1. That is such exciting news. And you will find that all of us have made mistakes that need to be repaired. Just happens and teaches us to look up more often. Sorry about still having to go to work but time will fly. I love that picture of Stella. Campgrounds are fun places - lots of good people watching. Enjoy.


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