Wednesday, April 20, 2016

310 weeks remaining....

Who would have thought the hardest part of going fulltime in an RV would be the purging of all the "stuff" we have. We are just a week into the "purge" and it's rough. Trying to decide what we need for the next year and who to give our most prized items to. I have take about 25 coffee mugs to the office with a sign "Free Mugs" and they have been snatched up. Other things of more value are going up on ebay, some will go to friends and family, and the rest is being donated. We are just starting, so stay tuned for the drama to come.

We also started to think about moving into a small apartment as a transition to an RV. This will allow us more time to adjust to small spaces. We were thinking if we moved into an RV now but stayed in an RV park for 5 year it might ruin it for us, since it would be the worst of both worlds. Cramped quarters, a rather grim trailer park, but still having to go to work every day - no thrill of freedom on the open road to mitigate giving up a nice comfy house. So we are mulling over our options.

More soon as the dream get closer....

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  1. It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate. You would think that by living in an RV that you wouldn't have so much stuff but you would be wrong. We took the whole back seat of our truck crammed with stuff to Goodwill last week. And there's more I want to get rid of. So keep up the good work. I know several folks who have moved to an apartment after selling the house and it worked out really good for them.


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