Sunday, August 23, 2015

Still driving....

Well, we're still on the road heading towards Montana. We stopped for the night in what initially looked like a run down campground near the highway. After hooking up the electric and water, we walked Stella around the small campground, where she chased two bunny rabbits. Of course she wasn't even close to catching either one. The campground is small with weeds abounding but still quaint and a little fun. Most of the occupants are highway road workers that are here only for the season, then move on to other projects.

We stopped to eat at Smitty's Pancakes and Steaks. The pancakes were great but I found that I don't really like steak for breakfast (Stella does). After that we strolled over to the Falls. Looks like a man made falls but still is a must see. I think this is the first time we stopped here in all the years driving to Yellowstone.

Most of the day today was spent driving through Utah, Idaho and Montana. Most of the time visibility was low and there was nothing to see. After getting into Montana we saw deer and pronghorn close to the road.  Now that's something you can't see in the city!

After hours and hours of our audio book we are still only on chapter 4. Still an entertaining book so far and still miles to go before we get to our next stop. See you soon.

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