Monday, August 24, 2015


After 3 days on the road I already feel the pressure of work creeping up on me. Just another 2 weeks and it's back to the grind. For now I will tell you about today.

We woke up with cows surrounding us at the Willow Creek Reservoir. What a sight. Stella could not resist herding them. This guy stared us down. But he was no match for Stella!

Also this morning I found I had ruined another stabilizer jack pulling into our boondocking site. I'm glad we are in RVing country and should be able to get a new one while on the road.

We drove on some roads that were in bad shape and our spare tire completely fell off, never to be seen or heard from again.  What a trip so far.

We arrived in St Mary campground in Glacier National Park just after 3pm and took a quick nap. We woke up and headed for a place where Stella could play and then we were off to see a bit of the park. Sadly the park is having some fires so visibility is low and trees are burned.

This picture was taken about 5pm with the sun still high in the sky. Notice all the haze. Seems like we never left the smog of LA.

Tomorrow is our first full day in the park, I hope it clears up enough to see something.


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  1. Love how u stayed in the present despite a few misshaps. Great writing.


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