Friday, December 5, 2014

381 Weeks remaining....

It's been a few weeks since my last post and not much of anything happened. We did complete the house refi and will be saving a little less than we thought due to property taxes going up this year. We are also well on track with paying down debt. By the end of this year we will have paid off well over $15k in credit card debt left over from the days before we decided to go fulltime in an RV.

We did go to Joshua Tree over the long Thanksgiving weekend and had a great time with all our RVing pals. Camping on a dry lake bed in windy conditions is not the best place to setup camp, but ended up being a fun time. For New Year's we are planning to go to the Escapees resort near Temecula, CA. Looks like a great place and just from the emails they are a friendly bunch.

Even though we have a no new "stuff" policy, we will be getting a new refrigerator for the house. No need to suffer for the next seven years with a broken fridge.

Until next time, enjoy life.


  1. We wanted to spend a few nights at Jojoba Hills on our way to San Diego but they were full (right before Turkey Day). Looks like a great park.

    1. Ya, looks like a great place. I will post a review and some pictures when I get back.

  2. Congrats on the credit card reduction!

    We are going to replace the appliances in the kitchen a few years before retirement and if they break down. Already replaced the flooring with tile and the back-splash. I have a lot of friends who buy and sell homes. They say you can almost always get you money back from kitchen improvements.

    Mark from Missouri

    1. Thanks Mark. I will end up doing a complete remodel of the kitchen and bathroom to make it more appealing to buyers.


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