Tuesday, November 4, 2014

386 weeks remaining....

After our last trip to the Eastern Sierras this past moth, I noticed that I will definitely need television. After a few days of boondocking in the chilly weather near Mono Lake, being inside without TV was a hardship. We ended up staying only 2 days there before seeking out refuge in an RV park near Bishop, CA. The park was great with 50+ channels of cable TV.

So this bring me back to an earlier conversation about solar power and satellite TV reception. If we wanted 4 hours of TV a night how much solar and how many batteries would we need?  I am no electrician and hope someone reading this page can answer that question. Water/sewer seemed to be a non-issue, as we have learned over the years of RVing to conserve water.

I also started to examine how much space we "needed" to live comfortably. The size I am thinking for starting out is about 30 feet. Then as the years go by I think we would be doing less boondocking and more parking in nice RV parks.

I'm still reviewing daily the cost of fulltiming in an RV. I am planning on living off of $30k per year in today's dollars, adjusted annually for inflation. Currently we are plowing down our debt and I am feeling really good about the position we are in now. We are currently in progress on our second home refi of the year for an additional savings of $1200 per year. All that can go into our savings.

This is June Lake
Oct 2014


  1. I just found your blog and I love it. We are also saving to go full-time in April, 2020. We are saving money and learning to stop spending.

    1. PJ, maybe you can post things that you are planning and why? This would be great information for everyone.

  2. We are doing things a little different. We have 3 homes that we will be using for rental income. A family member will manage the property for us. We will be 55 when we start this new adventure so we also need income.

  3. I need my TV time. We don't have solar but we do have an inverter so we watch TV for about four hours at night off the inverter when we're boondocking. Then the next day we run the generator to charge the batteries. So I'm no help on the solar stuff. Sure hope someone can chime in here for you. We just don't boondock that much to justify solar. And as we get older the comforts of being plugged in are nice. Especially since Jim should wear a CPAP at night which requires electric.

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  5. I'm following your blog closely because just like you, we are doing some long range planning as well. I appreciate reading everyone's comments as well. If you get a chance would you check out our blog and comment. Hope it is okay to post the link.


    Our blog is called Our Future in an RV


    Mark from Missouri

  6. We enjoy our evening TV as well and use the generator when boondocking. Obviously when we're dry camping in a campground with generator restrictions, we head to the computers. Beautiful photo.


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