Monday, August 4, 2014

400 weeks remaining....

At 400 weeks even until we can get out from under these jobs, all is progressing well. Paying off debt, saving money and still enjoying life. Not much changes from week to week but the excitement builds daily. Reading blogs and listening to podcasts keep us up to date with the RV industry and what we can expect. It seems like most of the blogs I follow don't boondock as much as I think we will when we're out there living the RV lifestyle.

I dream of the days waking up all by ourselves in the middle of nowhere with only the beautiful views to greet us in the morning.I'm planning on 5 days out in the boonies and 2 days in an RV park to do laundry, flush tanks and get more water. This will help us save money when we are not workamping.

This is my sample budget for Full Timing. I hope we can keep our expenses down to this. There is a lot of cushion in here. But I wanted to make sure I am realistic in my expectations.

Any feedback from current full timers is welcome. Thanks!


  1. I have a couple of blogs you should read that you might not know about - they are both hardcore boondockers. Diana is a single woman who travels in her own RV but with her friend Phil in his RV. Tom and Diane are work camping this summer in Wyoming but they boondock most of the time. Shoot, lost their blog site. I'll go find it and get it for you.

  2. Tom and Dianne's blog -

  3. Lots of fluff in the budget is good! Then you get to feel extra good when you actually do better than the budget!

  4. Hi,

    Just found your blog from comment over at RV Sue. I've enjoyed reading about your camping and can't wait for you to hit the road. It will be a little while for me, but want to also boondock a lot.

    Looking forward to following you,

    Take care Tina

  5. Ya Jeff, I have been following them for awhile now. Love all there posts. Catherine did mention you to me and that you would be leaving in a few years. Hope all goes well. Keep in touch and maybe start your own blog to document your process.


  6. 5 days in the boonies and 2 days at a park sounds quite reasonable. I've heard it's easier in the west as compared to the east.


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