Wednesday, July 23, 2014

401 weeks remaining...

Six month update

So after six months we are positioned to be a success. The RVing lifestyle is looking like something we can do. The reason I say that is because we love being on the road and seeing the country and love being out with no one but us. Boondocking is our favorite. Another reason is that the money it takes to keep going will be easy to obtain over the next few years. The house is rising in value seemingly daily.

A few things that I will need to do the the house before selling are installing new windows and fixing up the kitchen and bathroom. I think I can do all for under $15k. I think spending that will increase the value at least $20k and make it easier to sell our 62 year old house.

We have narrowed down our rig to used 5th wheel about 30' long.  We will start looking at used rigs in year 5 or so and wait to jump on a deal when it presents itself. Wish list will include but not limited to solar and a washer/dryer combo.

I also am getting more and more excited to start workcamping. I get emails daily listing  jobs that pay a per hour salary and space rent with full hook ups. Working in a customer service role is not something I do for a living now but am excited to start. I love helping others in need and being of service to my RVing community.

A few things to research are: health insurance, solar power, mobile internet and boondocking locations.

Next month we are going to Big Bear Lake for a few days and in October we are going to northern California and cruising down the coast taking about 10 days. Really looking forward to that trip.


  1. The hardest part of waiting till you hit the road is reading fulltimers blogs! Some days it drove me nuts with envy reading about all the wonderful adventures those lucky folks were having! Thank goodness you guys already have an RV and are able to take short trips...we did not get a rig together until we retired, sold the house and established residency in another (sales tax free) state. I love your excitement!

  2. Thanks Lisa, we are totally excited as to what our adventure will be. I'm hoping you will still be out there when we finally get going.


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