Tuesday, February 4, 2014

425 weeks remaining....

We set out this past weekend to discover new territory for boondocking and found 2 places of interest. Please see my other blog for all the details.

On the financial side things are feeling really good. Savings are growing and the credit card is being paid down. No hurdles in the near future. We did visit a RV dealership a couple of weeks ago and checked out some class A RVs. I really believe the 5th wheel will be better for us. The ceiling height in the 5er is much taller and makes the space much roomier. Plus I really like having the bedroom far apart from the living room like the Montana model I have already chosen. The one thing I really like about the class A is the basement storage. We could really use it.

Another thing I have been looking into is high speed internet access while on the road. Seems like the setup cost is a lot, upwards of $5,000, then
$130 a month. We could also use Verizon Wireless but that might not be available in areas we might want to boondock. So I might still need more research.

Have a good week..

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