Thursday, February 20, 2014

423 weeks remaining....

This week I have been looking at the long term feasibility of fulltime RVing. I have been reading countless blogs over the last 2 weeks and I noticed that a few of those blogs haven't been updated in a few years. What happened to those people? Did they quit, go back home or die??? I will be 53 when the time comes for us to retire to a full timing lifestyle and have decided to work camp for at least 10 years part time before I really cut loose and full time without working at all. By then I will be getting social security if it is still around. Healthcare is really the only thing I worry about now. What will become of the ACA (ObamaCare)?  What happens if I get too old or too weak to travel? I won't be able to return to California due to the high price of housing. I think by then I will have grand kids and want to be close to them.


  1. Just so you know, it takes awhile to get people reading your blog and making comments. I found the only way to get comments is to comment on all the other blogs on a regular basis. If you do that you eventually become good friends even if you've never met and you want to find out what is happening with those folks.

    A lot of people blog for the first few years of RVing and then find it can become a burden. I am in awe of those folks who can put out a daily blog, day after day after day. When we are sitting still here in Apache Junction we just don't do anything that I consider blog worthy. A lot of people get out on the road and find out they they really hate living full time in an RV and miss the sticks and bricks. Or for a lot of women, the grandchildren are too hard to leave. There are so many reasons why folks quit blogging or stop full timing.

    We know a lot of work campers - some work at Amazon, some work at Adventureland, some are Gate Guards, others camp hosts, others work the beet harvest. Or how about hosting at lighthouses. There are so many opportunities. Most don't pay a wage but give you a site and usually pay for your electric.

    You definitely need an exit plan. Most people find an area in their travels that they really like and decide that is where they want to settle when they have to give up the keys. We rent our space here in AJ by the year so we can leave Jim's boat here when we are off wandering. We also have a shed to stash stuff in. That way we can come and go whenever we want to. I love the desert. The problem with being near the kids is - are they going to stay there their whole lives. Is there a chance they could move. I would like to just live in my fifth wheel until I die or have to go to a nursing home. Not sure that will happen but only time will tell. My son is in Montana and I may end up back there when the time comes. I expect to outlive my hubby because he is ten years older than I am. But I want to stay here as long as I can.

    Okay - I've probably wore you out. Feel free to ask me any questions you want. We love our Montana fifth wheel and if we were to ever buy a new one it would be another Montana. We had a motorhome for awhile and it's not for us. And you still have to get out and unhook the car even if the weather is bad.

    Enough. Sorry to ramble on.


    1. Thanks for the support. Im still 8 years out so enough time to get readers. I love the pic of you pups too. If you didn't noticed I added your blog to my list. :-)


  2. One other thing - most people will not comment on a blog that has word verification on it. So you might want to get rid of that.

  3. Thanks for commenting on our blog! Personally, I find very few blogs really "tell it like it is" when it comes to full-timing. It is definitely not all unicorns and rainbows, but Jerry and I still feel, the good outweighs the bad. I try to be as honest as possible, especially talking about our work camping experiences. We are also still happy we made the decision to go full-time!!

  4. Good to see folks are responding to your blog. As we are in the same position (about eight years out) it will be interesting to follow your thought processes and read the comments of the more experienced as well. Darn glad to have found this blog. Keep at it for the eight years! Mark from Missouri


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