Friday, March 30, 2018

From Stationary to Mobile...

Cait and I have been Stationary at 2 locations for about a years and a half and have enjoyed it but the "camping" ended. We will be leaving for my workamping gig in West Yellowstone soon and that means lots of changes.

When stationary everything is unpacked and where ever we want it and when traveling we will have to find a place for everything. Whew, packing up every few days will be a major change. We also installed 460 watts of solar and are in the processing of testing to see how we will get along while boondocking. Water will also be something we need to test soon.

Making sure you have all the tools to fix things on your own is also something you have to address. I got most of my tools from harbor freight but cause I am not a mechanic and only expect to use them infrequently. I use the same tools for my RV inspection business.

Travel weight in the RV is also an issue. We will need to go to a weight station when we hit the road to make sure we are not over weight. We can get the coach weighed at a CAT scale.

We plan to boondock to save money the entire way to Montana. So the water, Solar and the coach need to be up to par. So far we are testing well and expect no issues and will have a great time.

Both of us are so excited to leave California and start our next adventure.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Such an exciting time. Even after all these years, I still get excited when it's finally time for us to be able to get on the road. Things get easier with practice and having a checklist. This is the perfect time to be boondocking along the way because it hasn't gotten hot yet. What is your route to Yellowstone?


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