Tuesday, July 25, 2017

6 month fulltime update!!!

So after 6 months a lot has happened to us. During the first few weeks our black tank started leaking and I tore the roof off and the awning. After 10 days in the shop and staying in a hotel we got our rig back and its been great ever since.

I also took an RV tech course and found it to be awesome. I also became a certified RV inspector and was hoping to start a business and a RV inspector and RV maintenance tech, as my last post stated. Everything is going well so far.

The freedom of being a fulltime is great. We are still in our home town until we save enough to go on the road. "Going on the road" is the next milestone we are looking forward to. Work camping seems to be where we will start. I am really looking forward to getting out of town. Weekend trips just don't do it anymore, but they do help.

One this i do recommend is everyone that will be going fulltime and inst rich is take the RV Maintenance tech course from NRVIA. Tell them I sent you! This will teach you how to fix most things on your RV in just a short week course.


  1. Congrats and good thinking. Sure hope you guys can get out sooner than later. We're ready to go but hubby is mulling the right time... aaargh ;)

  2. Good to hear from you over on your blog. I'll check out the tech course. I could see that coming in handy.


  3. No matter how long you live this lifestyle, mishaps happen. But now you have the knowledge to fix most of them and that is great. On the road is coming so hang in there.


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