Tuesday, December 31, 2013

430 weeks remaining....

All is going as planned. Both refinances have been competed and payed off. We now have no mortgage payment till February 1. That means we get to save this month's mortgage and pay off other bills. We did receive a check from escrow from over payment of fees. Not sure how that happened since there was nothing out of pocket for the loan. We have to wait 2 weeks to get the rest of the proceeds from the loan. So patience is in order.

We are so excited to full time. Browsing other people's full time blogs has been a great way to live vicariously through them. It always sounds so peaceful. http://www.wheelingit.us/ is one I like the best. Boondocking is what they like to do and it is very inspiring to see their journey.

We are still looking for interesting links and tips, so if you have been fulltiming drop us an email and follow us by email at the bottom of the page.

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