Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A few words from The Wife

Eight years and counting till the old man and I hit the open road.  We want to do it Blue Highways style, really taking our time and exploring America close up, having little adventures along the way.  No interstates and no chain restaurants.

We made the decision to start fulltiming as it slowly dawned on us that we were chained to soul-depleting office jobs that we had to do to pay for a house, car, and a pile of material possessions that we didn't really want or need.  In the spirit of Helen and Scott Nearing's "The Good Life," we wanted to reduce our cost of living, work less, and have more freedom.

I hope we'll be able to strike a good balance between living simply and still having some security, being smart about the future and living for today.  Who knows how long any of us has left on this earth?  I have some fears about finances, but frankly the future is uncertain whether we're living in an rv or a stick-and-brick house.  And I'm confident in my honey's ability to make a living wherever we are, whatever we're doing.

I think Honey and I are ideally suited to life on the road together.  We started our relationship in a studio apartment so small you could almost touch opposite walls at the same time.  And we love nothing better than a road trip.  We have camped in a teardrop trailer in rain, snow and glitzing heat.  I have bathed outdoors in a swimsuit, while Honey poured water on me.  When we have differences, we work them out pretty quickly.  We are perfectly matched travel and life partners.

I'm really excited about doing lots of different kinds of workcamping.  I can totally see us traveling around, doing all kinds of weird stuff.  Babysitting a salmon hatchery, hosting a campground in the middle of nowhere, giving tours of a lighthouse, scooping ice cream in Yellowstone.  Working crazy hard for three months, then sitting silently in a forest for three months, then moving on again.  Eventually I would love to have set foot in 49 of the 50 states (sorry, Hawaii).  And I want to see every giant ball of twine, miniature horse, strange tourist attraction, local festival and fruit stand along the way.


  1. You guys are going to do great out here on the road. I'm sure you've already discovered Roadside America. You might also want to check out Atlas Obscura. Great stuff to see. I love really strange, offbeat places and things rather than just seeing what everybody has. We check those out also but I look for the offbeat.

    1. Sandie, my wife was so excited by your reply. Thanks for all the tips.

  2. Check out this blog post: http://warnerrvnews.blogspot.com

    He put together a great list of folks who are working on the road. Might be of interest to you.

    1. Yes that is a great blog. I enjoyed reading about the RV park in Mesa. I'm not sure if I can wait 8 years. :-)

  3. Hi William, Thanks for checking in over at my blog, Metamorphosis Road! Reading through some of your posts, and this one from your wife (what's her name?), I can feel your excitement and see all the emotions that Hans and I went through as we spent two years researching and prepping for the road. Eight years is going to be tough! I remember reading full timers blogs daily and getting more and more discouraged at my job! We didn't even have an RV until we sold everything and left California.

    Technomadia is also a good blog to read, they have lots of great technical info for full timers, especially those who are working.

    Enjoy every little bit of time off you get to travel until the time is up and Save, Save, Save! Wishing you the best of luck in reaching your dream!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! The Wife here -- my name is Cait. We're so excited to get out on the road. Housing market permitting, we may not be able to wait the full eight years. I've never been outside of California for more than a week or two at a time, so I can't wait to see the rest of the country!

  4. Nice to see the wife posting. Mine is on board with the full-time RV thing. Have to admit I might be spending more time than she is during the dreaming phase. We have a daughter but no grandchild - yet. Wonder if that will come in eight years and if it will change anything.

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