Tuesday, November 4, 2014

386 weeks remaining....

After our last trip to the Eastern Sierras this past moth, I noticed that I will definitely need television. After a few days of boondocking in the chilly weather near Mono Lake, being inside without TV was a hardship. We ended up staying only 2 days there before seeking out refuge in an RV park near Bishop, CA. The park was great with 50+ channels of cable TV.

So this bring me back to an earlier conversation about solar power and satellite TV reception. If we wanted 4 hours of TV a night how much solar and how many batteries would we need?  I am no electrician and hope someone reading this page can answer that question. Water/sewer seemed to be a non-issue, as we have learned over the years of RVing to conserve water.

I also started to examine how much space we "needed" to live comfortably. The size I am thinking for starting out is about 30 feet. Then as the years go by I think we would be doing less boondocking and more parking in nice RV parks.

I'm still reviewing daily the cost of fulltiming in an RV. I am planning on living off of $30k per year in today's dollars, adjusted annually for inflation. Currently we are plowing down our debt and I am feeling really good about the position we are in now. We are currently in progress on our second home refi of the year for an additional savings of $1200 per year. All that can go into our savings.

This is June Lake
Oct 2014