Monday, November 21, 2016

After a few months of fulltiming....

So it's been a few months since my last post.  Let me bring you up to date:

While moving our trailer from the front of the house after packing up I snagged a tree and ripped the roof.  Then a few days later we noticed the black tank was leaking and our batteries were bubbling.  We took the rig to the repair shop and after 10 days we were back up and running.  Insurance paid for the roof and awning, and our new warranty from Wholesale Warranties has been great, paying for the black tank along with some other stuff we found.

Another fun thing that happened is that I was laid off from my job of nine years the week after we moved to the RV park.  Oh well, life happens.  I still need to work for a while to save enough money to really get on the road.

Then to top it off, we had our house up for sale for over two months and couldn't get it sold.  We pulled it off the market, painted the inside and completely rebuilt the kitchen.  Now it's back on the market.  Wish us luck on that one.

[From Cait:  So far living in the RV has been great.  It's cozy and comfortable, with more than enough room for us, the dog and the cat.  It's not the same as fulltiming on the road, since I'm still going to my same job every day, and we're living very near our old home base, but the space is working out fine.  Even having purged most of our stuff, it turns out we really still have more than we need.  I'm sure that will get whittled down over time.  But this is actually a pretty good way to adjust to fulltiming one piece at a time.]

This Thanksgiving weekend we will be going to Joshua Tree dry lake bed for our first trip since we went full time.

Talk soon.