Thursday, October 9, 2014

390 weeks remaining...

Getting close to our next trip. This time we are heading to the Northern coast of California for a few days to attend a family friend's wedding.  Then we'll wind our way down to the eastern sierras for a week of boondocking. I am thinking of spending as much time and I can near Mono Lake assuming it will not be freezing. I really do get excited to practice fulltiming . This may sound weird but I think it does us good to find out if we even can do it for long periods of time. Also this helps with figuring out what rig we will choose. Boondocking also shows us how long we can go between dumping and getting water and how much we end up cooking and not going out to eat.

This weekend is the big RV show is Pomona and me and the wife will be going to see all the new rigs and all the neat gadgets. I promise I will not be buying a new rig no matter how good the deal is. We are will saving and learning how to trim our budget. This is the one thing that I keep thinking about,  because I don't want to be forced to go back to work full time.

So until next time. Enjoy your life now!