Friday, May 29, 2015

356 Weeks remaining....

For Memorial Day weekend we decided not to boondock and went to an SKP park instead. We woke up Saturday morning, picked up the trailer from storage and headed to the Jojoba Hills SKP resort. This is the same place we visited over New Year's.

After setting up in our deluxe pull-through site at Jojoba Hills we headed in to town to stock up on food for the weekend. All day there were clouds and it was a little cool for this time of the year in Southern California. Needless to say we survived.

Saturday morning it was still overcast and cool, so most of the day we stayed in the trailer except for walking Stella. Later in the day we went to the pool for a swim and soak in the hot tub. Here is the Dude chillin' on a lounge chair.

After some rest the Dude decide to hit the pool. It was too cold for him but not for Caitlin. Notice all the clouds? Looks cold but it wasn't that bad.

After changing our clothes back at the trailer we decided some entertainment was needed. So here is the Dude playing pool. He is pretty good despite his small stature.

After I lost all my money to the Dude, he decided to head to the gym. I had to spot him while he lifted and stretched out on the exercise ball that was conveniently his size.

The next morning we walked over to the kiddie putt putt golf course for a quick round. This is where the Dude found a house just his size. This place really does have everything.

On Memorial Day we went over to the flag to remember everyone that has fallen in the hopes of keeping us free.

The Dude is a total ham! And last but not least the Dude wanted a book to read so we went to the on-site library.

Well that's the end of the trip for this weekend. Might be a while before we get out again. I just got a promotion and will be working more for a bit. July 4th we will be staying home and enjoying our nieghborhood block party.

Until then, keep on RVing.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

359 Weeks remaining....

Wow, what a great weekend at Sam's Family Spa in Desert Hot Springs. We arrived late and found three spaces in a row near the dog park and pool area entry. Saturday was a little windy and cool, but the sun was shining and beautiful. It's great having all your friends with you. First thing in the morning I had my usual donuts and coffee and just relaxed in the shade until everyone wanted to get to the pool.  Look close and see our new travel mascot "The Dude."

First one to grab a lounge chair was The Dude. He wants nothing but to relax in the sun and have fun. All he needed was a drink!

Once it got too hot The Dude wanted to see the pond and all the birds.

On the way back to the trailer The Dude saw a a wood carving of the owner Sam and wanted to pose with him. So cute.

Then on to horse shoes.

Here is a candid picture of The Dude hooking up our surge protector.

 He sure is going to love fulltiming.

Until then, keep on RVing.