Tuesday, April 22, 2014

414 weeks remaining...

What a great start of the week. I just added 2% a week to my 401k. That's a lot of loot. Besides that everything is on track. We are in the final countdown to our spring vacation to Yosemite via the back route up 395 from Los Angeles. I bought an inflatable kayak that I saw another blogger post and it should be here in the nick of time. Cait and I are excited to try it out.

The countdown to retirement is 414 weeks or 2900 days from now. 

Saving money for a rainy day has always been hard for me, but lately I have been thinking about the goal of retirement and everything seems to have changed. I have started to examine what I spend on and not spend if I don't "need" it. I waited about 5 weeks before purchasing the kayak and only bought it after I got my annual bonus at work to cover it. The rest of the money will go into savings for our October trip to a friend’s wedding up north with a weeklong trip following the California coast back home. Should be awesome. That's enough for now, stay on the edge of your seats for next week’s blog... :-)

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