Tuesday, April 15, 2014

415 weeks remaining....

Well Cait and I spent Sunday afternoon walking around an RV dealer looking at Class A RVs. Boy are they nice, and the price tag reflects it. I do like the option to setup without getting out of the rig.  We have decided to make a final decision on what rig we will get when the time comes to buy. If we can get a super duper class A for cheap then we might just jump on it.

Soon we will be on a “full time” practice run, visiting the Alabama Hills in California and then heading to Lee Vining to see Yosemite and Mono Lake. I am very excited and will fully document the location on my other blog “The Massey Family – On the road again”.

On the financial front, we are way ahead of plan right now. The savings is getting larger and the 401k was upped to 6% and will go up to 7.5% in 2 weeks (I hope). The housing market in California is starting to boom again and I hope we will be in the $600k range in 4 years or less. This will put us in the prime position to sell and make some money.

I really appreciate bloggers who outline their budgets and how much they spend. It gives me a better idea of how much I need to have before I retire. I am calculating $30k per year. Let’s hope health care costs are lower by then.

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  1. Figuring out which type of rig you want is always an interesting proposition. I will tell you that most people end up having three or four different rigs in their first five or six years on the road. We had a Class B (which I loved) but knew it wouldn't be any good for full timing. So we picked up a fifth wheel. It was really nice but was getting old. So we got another fifth wheel. Then I decided that having a motorhome would be easier on Jim. And it was. But we weren't happy with living in a motorhome. We are fifth wheel people. So we took a hit on the motorhome and have our fifth wheel. Now that we have the TT for traveling I sure hope we are done buying rigs. LOL I really don't have a budget. I know how much we can spend and when we're done that's it until another check comes in. I added your other blog to my reading list so I'll look forward to your posts from there.


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