Monday, March 31, 2014

417 weeks remaining....

Today marks the 8 year count down till we become fulltimers. Over the last few months we have cleaned up most of our debt, started this blog and informed our friends and family of our intention to go on the road. Family and friends seem to be taking it harder than I thought. They don’t realize that we have plans for seeing them multiple times per year (based on a deal I made with the wife). 

I have been reading many blogs lately and am searching for younger fulltimers for advice.  Most of the younger fulltimers I have found are still working full time jobs as opposed to workcamping or volunteering for space rent or small wages. So if you come across any of these types of people, drop me a note.

I’m getting so excited… Can you tell?


  1. Check out the blog called Wheeling It. They are definitely younger than a lot of us. A lot of people have problems with their family thinking they are nuts and worrying about them. We were lucky - our kids said go for it and have a great time.

    We have good friends who are much younger who RV full time with nine of their children. Check them out at:

    There are all types of RVers out there. Us retired folks are definitely the majority but there are all kinds of other groups.

  2. I'm new to your blog. I like to read from the beginning and find out the bloggers 'story'. My husband and I aren't full time yet but hope to start part time soon.
    I can relate to many of your concerns. That's one of the reasons we finally decided on part time to start. We've been in the planning/thinking/dreaming stage for about 2 years now. When we first told our grown children (they're now 25 and 29) of our plans they had their reservations. Now that we've changed to part time and see how it goes, they are both more agreeable with our decision.
    We will need to work while on the road as well. I am 52 this year, Ron is 53 this year. We plan to take our business on the road with us to earn the majority of our income. A possibility exists that we may be able to work camp for our site sometimes while still having enough time to conduct our business.
    Yep, there's a lot to consider.
    And yes, I can tell you're just as excited as we are :-)


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