Wednesday, March 26, 2014

418 weeks remaining....

Well, another week, another dollar saved for full timing. Other good news: I received a gift of an Escapees membership and will be attending the Escapees Boot camp next January in Quartzsite, AZ.  I’m very excited for that.  We also might stay a day or two for the rally.

On the financial side, we are still plugging away saving as much as we can.  I’m really hoping to get on the road in less than eight years.  Working in this office might be killing me.  I really just want to get out there and make a difference and have some fun.  But the thing that scares me is the money part.  What if we run out, our get too sick to travel?

We are also planning a trip to Yosemite the week of May 12th.  Planning on staying in the Alabama Hills for two nights, then off to Lee Vining for the rest of the week.  This should be a relaxing trip with not too much driving.

If you are reading this blog, please post some details of your life as a full timer or what you are looking for in the full time life style.


  1. I think Boot Camp is actually held in Congress, AZ at the Escapees Park there, not in Quartzsite. However, we will be in the Quartzsite area in January and if we can make arrangements would love to meet up.

    Just remember - you are going to get sick while on the road. Two years ago Jim had four surgeries - one for lung cancer. Our neighbor here in the park has MS. We know many folks who have fought through cancer and heart surgeries while living in their RV's. You just aren't going to go through life without some kind of sickness. We have found some of the best doctors and facilities here in the Phoenix area and there are many parks that will let you stay for an extended period of time. Our good friends were on the road last summer and Bill came down with shingles. Spent a couple of months in Kentucky. So you're going to get sick whether you live in an RV or a sticks and bricks.

    We have lots of friends who do all kinds of workamping to help them make ends meet. The opportunities are endless. Some just give you a parking spot and utilities in exchange for your services, whereas others will make you a paycheck such as Amazon or Adventureland Amusement Park. Traveling a lot is what uses up your money fast. Usually by the third year people have settled down and realize they can spend a month in one place (which is cheaper campground wise) and use less fuel.

    The way we are living now is not exactly what I originally envisioned. I wanted to be on the move a lot more. Hitch itch gets really bad. But reality set in and I know that Jim can't do all the traveling I want to do and neither can our pocket book. That's why we really like our spot here in AZ. It's here no matter when we want to come here and sit for however long while we regroup financially and physically.

    We have made the best friends we've ever had since we've been on the road. RVers are a friendly, outgoing group of people who enjoy life.

    And once again, I've rambled on forever.

  2. Great info Sandie! Sorry to hear about all Jim's surgery's and hope he is doing better now.
    I think it is a little scary to leave a good solid job with great benefits to go on the road with not as good health insurance. Once we leave the large paychecks will stop and we will have to wait until we're old enough to get social security (about 10 years or so from the date we get on the road). I think workcamping will be the thing for me to do to transition into the full time RVing life style. I am very outgoing and love interaction with people. I'm still young (45) and don't wanna too old to really enjoy life the way I want to. I will be 53 (the wife will be near 57) when we "retire" from our standard life style and get on the road. We will be taking a vacation to Alaska from about April to October that first year then really settling down for long stretches because I have heard over and over about the first few years people running around the country like chickens with their heads cut off. I'm hoping to only move every 3 weeks or so and only driving 120 miles on the days we want to move. That way we really get to enjoy our life. again thanks for posting on my blog, you have really helped.



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