Saturday, August 22, 2015

On our way!

Yesterday at 4, my friend Dave brought me Starbucks coffee to get this trip started off right. It hit the spot and it was exactly what I needed to stay awake until 2am this morning.

After getting new bigger and beefier tires a month ago I was afraid my fuel mileage would suffer, but it ended up not affecting anything. Speedometer seems correct and the trip is going swell.

With our first destination as Mesquite, NV we drove out of Los Angeles about 7pm and started off on a new Audible book from Amazon, "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving. This is a tradition we started years ago. This time the book is a whopping 26 hours. That should be enough for our 4,000 mile trip. We're headed to Glacier National Park, then Canada, returning home via Spokane and all points south. Let's hope the fires die down here in the west and don't bother us too much with smoke.

This is how the dude finished the first day of the trip. A hot night in Mesquite at 99 degrees, he went to bed without a shirt.

Then early this morning, heading out to somewhere in Idaho. Our yard this morning:
Bye for now!

Please let us know you are following us on this trip. Enjoy!

Bill and Caitlin


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