Sunday, August 30, 2015

and south to jellystone....

So after waking up extra early, we headed to Wyoming saw this sign and the dude had to have his picture taken with it. Can you see him?  I think Wyoming is one of the most beautiful states in the Union.

 When we arrived at the gate of the park the dude jumped out and  greeted the ranger at the gate. The dude was so happy to be in the jellystone for the first time.

Our first stop was to get water in our holding tanks, enough to last 3 days at Bridge Bay campground. Well, as it turns out we had a busted valve and all the water I put in promptly drained. So we switch plans again and stay at Fishing Bridge RV park. As you all know I don't like this park very much due to everyone being crammed in like sardines.  But at least we have water and power. After being hooked up the dude wanted to see the famous Hayden Valley. So off we went.

Here is the dude taking a selfie with some bison. He was so excited.

After all that excitement we went back to the trailer and  blogged some and got some needed rest. Good night all.


  1. Wyoming is beautiful - windy most of the time but beautiful. I'm glad Dude didn't get any closer to those buffalo. That red jacket just might make them think food.

  2. Lol. They actually look closer than they were. The Dude is no fool.

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