Saturday, August 29, 2015

Off to Saskatchewan... But "Why?" everyone asks.

So every time we say to someone we are headed to Saskatchewan they ask why? What for? Because it's beautiful, and Washington is on fire and all the smoke is killing us. So off we go!

Driving to SK we encountered the largest Tee Pee in the world. Really! See?

The Dude is really a HAM! Damn this is huge.

The dude saw the the sign to SK so we stopped so he could get his picture taken. Can you find him?

He is just chillin' while I drive and drive and drive....

We land in Maple Creek, SK. After finding the best beef jerky in the world in Seven Persons, Alberta. Check it out here.

Then we hand dinner. Taber corn and steak. Two for me and one for Cait.  Stella might have had some too.

In the morning we head back to the States.  Don't go screwing around at the border like I did. I was so flustered I forgot to stop at the stop sign. They got pissy.  Made me dump my firewood back in Canada. So that makes two trips into Canada.

The Dude still had a good time. He likes to ride on my shoulder.

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