Monday, June 2, 2014

408 weeks remaining....

Well, we're closing in on 400 weeks soon and it's got me thinking. So far I have upped my 401k savings and paid off an additional $10k in debt. At this rate I think I will totally have enough to retire on time. I search the web daily to find an answer to how much money I will need, how long I will live and will I actually be able to pull this off.  I'm getting tired lately and energy is low. What if my health keeps me from living the dream? I will keep that fear on the back burner for now and stay focused on saving the money, because without that the dream will be dead before it starts.

Can't still believe we are on track!!


  1. I think you are stressing yourself out too much. You are doing a fantastic job of getting things paid off and money saved. We all have health issues. We just deal with them like we would in a sticks and bricks. And enjoy your life right now. Every chance you get.

  2. Ron and I joined a local gym almost three years ago. Yes, we still go there regularly and we have improved our health. Every little bit helps - eating right and staying active are keys IMO.


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