Wednesday, June 25, 2014

405 week remaining....

Well today I have only 405 weeks until we split this joint. The housing market is booming where we are -- not sure how long this can continue. It's up over $100k this year alone. So that means we need less then $97k more. We also decided on not getting a new 5er and finding the best deal we can find, so that if there are issues we can just dump it and get another. This could save thousands over a new rig.

I have joined the "Living the RV Dream" Facebook page and am loving all the posts. Some of the questions will keep you thinking and all the answers really help. I have decided to get CoachNet as our towing service after hearing about some people's problems with Good Sam.

Next week we're off to Sequoia National Park for the Fourth Of July holiday. Friends, family and camping along a river is all I need!


  1. So when are you going to put the house on the market and just live in the RV until you can retire? We have CoachNet and so far haven't had to use them but that works for me.

  2. We thought about getting a rig early and living out of it as well. Just not right now with eight years to go. Man, it does seem hard to wait for the date and to make sure to live our lives now rather than wishing it away. But having a goal does seem to make it more enjoyable. The future is so bright!

    Jim and Sandie - thanks for the posting. You are helping us as well. Mark from Missouri


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