Monday, April 11, 2016

311 weeks remaining.... Maybe?

So I have some news.

Since housing prices are starting to lag and I don't think we can make nearly the same on the house as if we sold now and just moved in to an RV park for the next 4 or 5 years, we decided to look at selling the house now and fulltiming for the next 5 years until we have enough money saved to retire.

I think we can buy a used 5th wheel now and then buy the one we want to travel in before we leave. And since it will just sit in the one place for 5 years, it doesn't have to be all that great -- just good enough to live in.

This also provides us one more benefit: testing out the fulltime lifestyle without quitting our jobs. If in 4 years we decide living in a trailer is not doable we can just buy another house and continue on our merry life....

So now we just need to purge our stuff and prep the house for selling.



  1. Definitely keep us posted as to how things are going. And fingers crossed that the house sells quickly for you.

  2. Exciting news. I would like to see pics when you get your 5th wheel.


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