Monday, September 14, 2015

341 weeks remaining....

Back to the grind. We're back at work for the next 341 weeks. Sounds like a long time but I started this blog at 432 weeks, so it does go by fast. We visited with a nice couple in Yellowstone a few weeks ago with a fabulous 5th wheel. Their set-up made it really look like we could pull off fulltiming in one.  A big shout out to the Pratts.

Since we are back at work, time really slows down. Still saving and on track. Housing prices are starting to go up again. A 900 sq ft house on my block is going for $500k. So in a few years I should be ready to sell.

I need to take the trailer in for some repairs after our 4500 mile trip. The shackles are about shot and the door to the bedroom has fallen off.  (All those rough gravel and dirt roads really take their toll on the rig!)  I also want to get our 30amp cord changed due to fraying at the edges.  I'm hoping this rig will last us for another couple of years.

Well, back to the grind!

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  1. There are some really gorgeous rigs out there and you'll find just the right one for you. I'm really hoping you meant a 9000 sq ft house not a 900 sq ft for $500K. Glad prices are going back up for not only you but several of our friends.


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