Monday, June 8, 2015

355 weeks remaining....

So after a year thinking, dreaming and working towards the "Dream" we have created a bucket list of places/things we want to see.

  • See bears eating salmon straight from the river in Alaska
  • Travel Route 66 the entire length
  • Visit the world’s largest ball of twine, etc.
  • Set foot in all 50 states
  • See Bigfoot and a flying saucer
  • Visit the very end of the Florida Keys and camp right on the water
  • Visit the northeast in the fall to see the leaves change colors
  • Visit all the Canadian Provinces
  • Visit all the U.S. and Canadian National Parks

I think this list might just be a start, but might just take us 20 years to complete. Why don't you reply to this post with your bucket list locations!

Until then keep on RVing....


  1. Oh wow - I could go on and on and on. Just a couple - Death Valley in the winter time. Civil, Revolutionary and Indian Battle sites, Drive Highway 51 in Nevada, Canyon de Shelly in AZ, maple syrup from Vermont, drive the Beartooth Highway in MT - you won't live long enough to do and see everything there is out there. We try to enjoy and explore no matter where we are.

  2. Those are some great ideas Sandie!

  3. I've never had a "bucket list" other than to die with dignity and having left a lot of friends behind as a judge of my character. All that aside, as it relates to what we plan to see in an RV, I'll use this list for our "bucket".

    Tour the top five locations for places such as Zoos, Civil War battlefields, National Parks.

    Spend some time in the western and northwestern USA where we have never been.

    Find the homesteads our family settled or homesteaded when arriving in America.
    (Tennessee and Wisconsin)

    Find a perfect retirement spot which considers all things important to us. If it's in an RV till dead then so be it.

    That's not much of a list, and definitely not exciting. If I had to come up with one that is way out there, maybe have a near death experience so I can make sure I'm going to heaven. And if not, have a chance to do better to make sure I'm going. Joking of course.

  4. Oh....I like this game! Lets see.....
    See the aurura borealis
    Watch the sun rise and set over the grand canyon
    Climb the devils tower
    Walk thru a giant redwood
    See a grizzly...from a safe distance
    Find area 51
    Visit Roswell
    See the buffalo on the plains
    Walk in the salt lake

    Just to name a few!
    We can't "start the dream" until 2018 but until then I will be anxiously watching and living vicariously through those already on the road! Good luck to all and God speed!


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