Thursday, April 30, 2015

361 weeks remaining....

Good news: we have now paid our credit card down to under $10k. For some that might sound like a lot but for us it is amazing it is that low. For 10 years it was well over that and dragging me down.  Now that it is getting lower I feel great. I have over the last year learned a great lesson, STOP SPENDING so much on crap and stuff that doesn't enrich our lives. Being happy does not require buying so much stuff. Another great thing is the housing market is going strong and I hope the house will be near where we want in just a few years.

I also calculated our savings and found we are about 25% to our goal. That fact is making me excited. We will be going to Sam's Family Spa for Mother's Day Weekend and expect to have a great time with friends. I plan on spending winters here when we are fulltiming since it is close to family and friends and just a wonderful place to be. Sam's is so relaxed and has kind of a beachy environment. I so badly want to be a snowbird. Can I call myself that if I don't have a home I'm running from? LOL

So that's about it for now.  If you are currently fulltiming and know the struggle we're having waiting so many years, comment below.

Until next time, Keep on RVing....

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