Thursday, March 12, 2015

368 weeks remaining....

Well it's been a good few weeks of planning. Got some boxes down from the garage for the wife to purge, and we're planning a weekend trip to Joshua Tree National Park. JTNP is one of my favorite places to visit. There is something about the barren desert that calls to me. Maybe it's the bright stars at night with little to no light pollution. In a few weeks we will also be visiting the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve (SNR) to see all the poppies bloom. I have never been and am very excited. Look on my vacation blog in a few weeks for all the pictures.

On another note, I have been working hard at not spending money on "stuff" and am feeling really good about it. I was going to get an Apple Watch but decided to continue on the path of being debt free. Seeing my credit card debt fall by 50% over the last year has been an uplifting experience. Not only for being debt free but learning better spending habits and knowing I will be able to live on a fixed retirement budget when the time comes.

Did I mention we have applied for our passports and will be visiting Glacier National Park and Waterton National Park in Canada this fall? Very excited!

Until next time,

Keep On RVing!


  1. It is SO empowering to abolish debt.
    It is even better to watch savings multiply when your goal driven. :-)
    I am in "savings mode" myself.
    It is a great feeling to move from the "consumer mind-set" to the point of snickering and wondering how people find such joy from purchasing little shiny bits of crap... :-).
    I haven't been in a mall for years. I was just reading some other blog just a day or two ago, where someone pointed out that there is not -one- NECESSARY item in the mall... It's all crap. Isn't that the truth! :-)

    Keep on saving my friend; you will be stronger, happier and better for it.

  2. You are correct sir. Just buying stuff no doesn't give me as good a feeling as saving that same amount.

  3. Oh I just loved Glacier! Can't wait for your travel there and to Waterton.


  4. Like minds think alike on this one. Bill, we have also stopped buying stuff because we know every dollar (actually in our case every $18) we save above the total we are targeting for retirement) puts us an extra day closer to retirement. It's very liberating! Just two nights ago Karen and I were standing in the front yard with the dogs looking up at the stars. We talked about how awesome it was going to be to stay in places with where we can see the sky without street lights and such.


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