Monday, December 29, 2014

378 weeks remaining....

I hope everyone had a great holiday and all your wishes came true. For us, it was a quiet week off work. It's been a little while since our last trip to the desert and we are itching to get to Jojoba Hills SKP park this Thursday, Jan 1st....

We have been planning to go full time for almost a year now and received a little resistance from the family as expected. Though something interesting happened a few weeks ago. My mother in law saw a mouse in the house and needed to escape until the issues was resolved. Guess what happened? She requested to stay in our trailer. Three weeks later she was back home, mouse free. When I asked her how she liked staying the the trailer, she said she could totally live in one. Now she doesn't think it is such a crazy idea. Everyone comes around in their own time.

We have seven years to go and we are still excited. Everything is falling into place and some decisions have been made. Others we are allowing to fall into place in due time. I am itching to get a new rig, but the wife is keeping me in check. We have decided to make our domicile Texas due to health care issues. This is also good because my son and his wife live there and we soon expect to have grandkids.

Well that's the end of the first year of planning. I am excited to see what comes this year. I am looking forward to increasing the percentage on my 401k and saving more money. It isn't cheap to retire early so I need to learn more about budgeting and sticking to a budget.

Until next year, keep on RVing!


  1. Bill,

    If you were to get approval from the boss to buy a different rig right now, would you go with - a travel trailer, 5th wheel or what? As I recall you have a travel trailer now.

    We briefly thought about a temporary rig before we go fulltime. I don't want to spend the money on it right now and would rather wait until after we decide if it's going to be a 5th wheel or class a at retirement. The temporary rig would most likely be something along the line of what we planned to full time in later.

    Good to hear you had a calm week off work.


  2. Hey Mark, hope the weather is treating you ok in MO.

    I was thinking about getting a 5th wheel just to see how easy it is to drive before I make a big decision. Although I have been considering a class A for the ease of setting up without having to get out for those over nights at Walmart. But I really like the 5th wheels with the front living rooms.

  3. It's real cold here in Missouri, but warming way up to the mid 30's next week (normal for January.

    We are going to the local RV show in two weeks to walk though some class A's. We have spent more time looking at 5th wheels. By far, this seems like the hardest decision (class a or 5th wheel).

    Maybe in a couple of years we will get a temporary rig. It will be hard to wait!

  4. grandkids?!?! jealous! can I be Aunt Ashley?


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