Thursday, July 17, 2014

402 weeks remaining...

At 402 weeks before retiring, I am feeling great.  I'm really considering smaller and smaller rigs that could be replaced more often, since they don't seem to last all that long.  This way I can keep getting "new" old rigs every few years without breaking the bank.  The first few years I really wanna get out and see things and experience what this great nation has to offer. Work camping also sounds very good -- I can't wait to get my first job on the road.

The finances are going great.  $11k of debt paid off already and excited to get it all paid off.  I have been spending for years and it feels good to start to reverse the damage.  For all you out there who think you can't get ahead, don't give up.  I thought that for years and just recently found that I could get out of debt and get ahead and still have a good life without feeling deprived.

I also recently found out that more people are following this blog but not commenting, so if you're one of those people please say hi!

Until next week, SAVE SAVE SAVE and DREAM DREAM DREAM....


  1. Hi. But I comment so you know I'm here. I really do like the smaller rig. Jim and I will be spending six months in our 23' one this summer and other than the couch I love it. We don't need much room and we get along so well. I will probably be glad to get back to our fifth wheel which is 30' (still not very big) because it'll be so much more comfortable to sit in.

  2. We're also debt free :-) Except for the mortgage that is... We'll likely take on a little debt when we purchase a trailer but I don't expect it will be very much.
    We're hoping to buy a 24' - 27' TT. We're going to an RV show here in Sacramento early next month. We'll be checking out quite a few different makes & models.


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