Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heading to Yosemite National Park

Friday we're off! I can't wait.

First we will start our vacation by visiting a spot that I would like to visit when fulltiming, Alabama Hills. Then we're off to Mono Lake/Bridgeport, California. This will be our base camp for the week in the area. We had planned to kayak in June Lake, Mono Lake and maybe some in Yosemite but it looks like the water will be too cold. That's too bad because I wanted to try out my new Sea Eagle 370 Kayak.  On the way back home we will be stopping for some much needed relaxation from all the vacationing at some hot springs near Mammoth, CA.  I hear there is great boondocking in the area.

Only 2885 days until retirement!

412 Weeks....

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  1. Have a fantastic time and just enjoy yourselves. A little early in the year to be out on the water without a wetsuit. Well, unless you were in Arizona.


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