Tuesday, January 28, 2014

426 weeks remaining....

Hello all! Another great week planning our life. The wife got 2 tubs unpacked and only 2 more in the living room for her to go through. Eight years is a long time to plan, but the way I see it we have the opportunity to fully think things through. Savings is a big issue right now; how much will we need? There really is no answer, except to have enough, how however much that is. I think we will have enough saved if the housing market doesn't flop again.

This weekend we have planned a trip to boondock in the high desert near Joshua Tree. I'm hoping to get to see Giant Rock near Landers. But I will be happy just relaxing and testing out the full timing life for the weekend.

Maybe I will read a book or just relax outside soaking in the rays.
I made a decision not to post how much we are saving, due to not wanting to get robbed or killed for the few dollars we have :). I think we are on track for the departure in 2022! YAY!

Doesn't seem as if too many people have found my retirement blog yet, but I am thinking it will be a good read for me in 8 years. So if you read this, chime in and comment below.

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  1. One thing we did early in the process is write down all our expected sources of income based on our retirement date. That gave us a fairly good picture of what our budget would have to be, assuming we are not going to be workamping - which we may do anyway. Don't forget to figure in the rate of inflation. I also met with our finance guy concerning investments and let the cat out of the bag that we would be retiring in eight years so the finance guy knows how to invest our money keeping a date in mind. I'll be 59.5 year old by then and her a couple years older. I think they call us "dreamers" and later to become fulltimers. Mark from Missouri


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