Thursday, December 26, 2013

431 weeks remaining....

Well, we were supposed to close escrow on the refinance on Tuesday, but I assume people were too excited for Christmas to finish up all the details. So we will close today (I hope). Since the fees were higher than I anticipated, we will have less money to pay off all the bills we wanted to. This really leaves only Caitlin's car to pay off. But since her car loan is at zero percent it's not that bad. It still leaves us with $2100 a month to pay off our last credit card and the new second mortgage. I say we are still on track.

 I have already had to make the hard decisions to stick to the plan and not buy things that I shouldn't. Why is saving so hard! I am an over spender and need to keep that under control.

8 years seems like a long time now, but I know it will zoom past and we will be wondering how we will ever get it all done. I pulled out 2 tubs last week for Caitlin to go through but they are still sitting in the same spot. Well, no hurry now. PATIENCE!!!

One thing on my mind is: what will the world look like in 8 years? I hope better. What will the technology look like then? We already have LED in trailers, what's next?

We are also looking into getting property in Arizona and Montana. Kind of a summer/winter place to stay when we get a little older. Acreage is cheap in these 2 states. The plan would be to buy the property now just in case we need to settle down as we age. We can improve the property in the first few years and then when we need it, it will be there for us. I am trying to think all of contingencies.

Another thing I think about is how long 5th wheel trailers last. Will it last long enough? We will need to take very good care of it.

If you are full timing now or have tips or suggestions please comment below.


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